“The need for balance between the outward and the inward man is a Healthy Heart. At Healthy Heart Plus, LLC you learn the importance of selecting healthy foods along with your favorites. With us, you will learn how to read nutrition labels on your foods. You will receive an individualized nutritional consultation, nutrition therapy, and an introduction to herbal use, its effects and benefits.

Let us empower you through the educational and the practical use of your food as a cleanser and healer along with the use of water as a natural diuretic.”

About Our Founder:

Dr. Alice M. Freeman has a B.S. Degree in Nutritional Counseling, M.A. Degree in Christian Education (M.A.C.E.), is a Certified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Diabetic Educator, Lactation Educator, Certified Hydro-colon therapist, Certified Raw Food Chef, is a recipient of the Minority Business League’s Trailblazer Award and the Praise Richmond 104.7FM Cathy Hughes Business Community R.O.C. Awards, served on the Breastfeeding Commission for the Mayor’s Breastfeeding Initiative, the founder and owner of Healthy Heart Plus, LLC. (HHP) and Healthy Hearts Plus II (HHP II). A sought after speaker, facilitator, author, educator, program and curriculum developer, Mrs. Freeman’s enthusiasm to inform the public motivates all who encounter her to be more conscious of and play an integral part in their overall health and creation. Mrs. Freeman has facilitated Healthy Cooking classes for the MCV Campus Short Course, Nutrition and HIV classes for the Pennsylvania/Mid-Atlantic AIDS Education and Training Center in conjunction with the VCU HIV/AIDS Center and Partners for Life: Health and Wellness for Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology of VUU. Food Sovereignty, First Foods, and Waste FREE food security has ignited a sense of urgency for Alice, to elevate the consciousness of our community and the general public to enhance the overall quality of lives through Nutritional education. As a result, Mrs. Freeman develops culturally relevant curriculum to support health promotion programs for families of color, women, infants, children, and fathers. In 1997 Alice Freeman founded Healthy Heart Plus, LLC (HHP). HHP is a Holistic Wellness Center that provides individualized nutritional counseling services, nutrition detoxification therapies, and an introduction to herbal use, its effects and benefits. HHP helps their clients learn the importance of selecting healthy foods through the educational and the practical use of food as a cleanser and healer along with the use of water as a natural diuretic. Mrs. Freeman created a 30/60/90 day detoxification program that provides an intense internal cleanse of your digestive system, tissues, lymphatic system and the blood. Because this detoxification program is very effective, many clients are happy to share their successes with others. As a result, HHP receives weekly phone and online orders requesting the shipment of the 30 day detoxification program to clients located throughout the United States.

Two years later Alice founded Healthy Hearts Plus II (HHP II), which grew out of a need to provide life enhancing nutritional education and services to communities who are nutritionally destitute as a result of a variety of social, economic and environmental factors. Alice recognized that there was a lack of resources, access to fresh foods, and nutritional training for the economically disadvantaged communities. Healthy Hearts Plus II is a multi-service health education non-profit organization poised to foster social impacts for families in poverty in the City of Richmond. Alice has cultivated successful partnerships by creating health and wellness programs, such as Nutritional Education, Culinary Arts, Horticulture, Diabetic Management, Smoking Cessation, Exercise, Stress Management, Mobile food pantries, and a comprehensive Breastfeeding program. The following partnership agencies utilize HHP II nutrition and wellness programs: Capital Area Health Network, MCV/VCU Research, VCU Institute for Women’s Health, Rubicon, Richmond Behavioral Health Authority, Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Richmond City Community Schools, Renew Richmond, Richmond VA Chapter, The Links, Inc., Virginia Department of Health, City of Richmond Resource Mothers, Richmond City Health District, a grant funded by March of Dimes, Kinfolks Community, City of Petersburg and many other organizations over the years. In 2006, Mrs. Freeman created the Mommies, Bellies, Babies, & Daddies (MBBD) the ABC’s of Breastfeeding program, which is in the final stages of becoming an evidence based program to use as a successful community based model to empower and educate economically disadvantaged pregnant women and new mothers about the benefits of breastfeeding, healthy lifestyle practices and healthy eating choices to decrease infant mortality and low birth weight. As a Partner Agency with the Central VA Food Bank, HHP II is not only able to provide food and grocery products to our MBBD program participants but to low income families in under-served communities throughout the City of Richmond. For two decades Alice Freeman, continues to elevate the consciousness of her public with her passion, zeal, determination, ability to connect with people, interactive style and in depth knowledge to empower individuals to make positive changes in their health to enhance the overall quality of their lives through Nutritional education from a spiritual point of view. She is truly an invaluable asset to the Holistic health community, RVA and beyond.