“The need for balance between the outward and the inward man is a Healthy Heart. At Healthy Heart Plus, LLC you learn the importance of selecting healthy foods along with your favorites. With us, you will learn how to read nutrition labels on your foods.

You will receive an individualized nutritional consultation, nutrition therapy, and an introduction to herbal use, its effects and benefits. Let us empower you through the educational and the practical use of your food as a cleanser and healer along with the use of water as a natural diuretic.”

Our Philosophy

Healthy Heart Plus was founded in 1998 by Rev. Dr. Alice Freeman who holds a Master Arts in Christian Ed., a B.S. in Nutrition Counseling, is Certified in Human Subject Research by Virginia Commonwealth University Social & Behavioral Board Certified Naturopath, is also Certified in Medical Endocannabinoid Field of Research from Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as an Endocannabinoid Professional. Healthy Heart Plus grew out of a need to provide life enhancing nutritional education and services to communities who were nutritionally destitute because of a variety of social, economic, and environmental factors.

 At Healthy Heart Plus, we believe Food Is Medicine and teach the importance of utilizing foods to cleanse and heal the body from the inside out. With this philosophy, Mrs. Freeman took the highest quality of all natural ingredients and the principles of nutrition, to create her specially formulated product line of detoxes, cleansing teas, and tinctures that work synergistically to cleanse, heal, and replenish the body of essential nutrients all at once. That’s why Healthy Heart Plus product line remain the benchmark of the product purity, quality, and effectiveness you deserve.

We currently offer detoxification programs, holistic therapies, signature cleansing teas, special blended tinctures, and much more. Mrs. Freeman created our 30/60/90-day detoxification program that provides an intense internal cleanse of the digestive system, tissues, lymphatic system, and the blood through the synergistic use of herbs, teas, and food. Our simple but effective program gives you the results you want with only 2 herbal supplements, 2 cups of tea, and our 60-20-20 clean eating plan daily.