Healthy Hearts Plus II has been on a spiritual gestational journey that gave birth to Food Sovereignty and Mommies, Bellies, Babies & Daddies.   We believe that everyone should have the right and access to healthy foods. So we recover healthy foods before their expiration dates and distribute them in communities in which our expectant mothers and their families reside.
Mommies, Bellies, Babies & Daddies was formed out of a need to support and empower  expectant mothers by meeting them where they are with mommy essentials.  We also offer a sustainable approach to care for their babies through breastfeeding which is first foods.
Healthy Hearts Plus 2 helps to empower them through our Sister Circles.  Sister Circles has developed into a healing for the sacred soul space and because of the sacred work we have had healthier birth outcomes and retention with our ladies.Our goal is to care for the mothers because they cradle our future.
I’m raising money through Faith, Care & Love for our young expectant single mothers and their unborn babies. By providing antenatal care through proper nutrition and emotional support. This fundraiser is for the sake of those who cradle our future generations 💞 I’m grateful to have a small part in escorting them into this world with good nutrition which is not accessible in their desert communities. Let’s invest in them! Thank you in advance for your support. funds will be used for nutritional support, breastfeeding support and other essentials.
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