Pre-Colonic Therapies

Pre-Colonic Therapy Instructions

Try eating raw foods such as fruits, vegetables and salads.

Do not eat for 3 hours before appointment. The colonic will be more comfortable if the upper end of the digestive tract is not digesting a recently eaten meal. (Note: Individuals who are diabetic, follow a special diet, or taking medications on a mealtime schedule, please disregard this.) Avoid any gas-producing food the previous day, such as beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, peanuts, melons, raw apples, or anything else that gives you gas. Increasing your intake of naturally laxative foods (fresh raw salads and fruits, bran, dried fruit, etc.) for several days before the colonic can be helpful in avoiding constipation. To get the most from your colonic, drink Fruity tea (Click Here To Purchase for $8) to soften old fecal matter and move new waste out. 

In addition, apply castor oil to abdominal area and cover with warm towel or heating pad for approximately 30mintues – 1hour (or apply castor oil to abdomen, wrap waist with plastic wrap and put a sweat/waist band on) for 1 to 3 days in a row before your appointment. Put freshly squeezed lemons or oranges into 2 quarts of water.  You may add raw honey or raw sugar. Drink throughout the day until the colonic.  *The machine will do the work in allowing the muscles to contract and the water will stimulate the muscles in the intestine to contract to push out the water and waste. Massaging of the stomach and abdomen during the colonic irrigation will support you in the releasing of the wastes. 

Post-Colonic Grocery List

Spinach leaves
Grilled fish
grilled Chicken and/or Tuna
Oil or Vinegar Based Dressings
Epsom Salt

(You may have other fruits and vegetables that are not listed)

Suprema Acidophilus capsules or liquid for several days after the colonic irrigation helps maintain the balance of flora in the colon. Drink 6-8 glasses of water with ½ fresh squeezed lemons if you are having a morning appointment or 3-4 glasses if you have an afternoon appointment. Your next normal elimination is usually 1-3 days after your colon therapy session.