Daniel’s Diet

Daniel’s Diet, Holistic Happy Hour, and Your Well Being

Let us feed you physically, mentally, and spiritually at our table during this time of rebirth and blossoming.

Join us at Daniel’s Table…

At Daniel’s table, you will learn all about how what you put into your body effects your health and well being. Not only is it an opportunity to experience a wonderful meal, you will gain the necessary tools to make smarter food choices in the future. Join us for a incredible experience of food and drink.

Your gift for participating is a collection of meals to go which include our staple salads, juices and a variant of samples.

Learn how the Bible will help you in your journey…

Bible study is another major component of your Daniels’ Diet experience. Together, we study the Bible and learn how live better lives through the Word of God.

For the life of creatures is in the blood… Leviticus 17:11

Exercise with us…

A healthy lifestyle is about more than just eating right. Join us weekly for group walk and talk. We will walk a mile and discuss how incorporating exercise, eating right, and spiritual growth will help you along your journey.